Big Boy, Crying Mommy

We are taking Nolan shopping today for some 9 month old clothes because clearly when you have a baby everyone wants to buy you the cute clothes that they really only fit in to for a week (actually, Nolan stayed in his newborn clothes for quite some time due to issues with weight gain). When Nolan started growing out of his newborn clothes and went to 3 month clothes I had a terrible time with this. I cried and begged my son to stop growing so fast because it was all just passing me by. When Nolan went from 3 months to 6 month clothes I didn't cry, have a mental breakdown, or panic attack. So I thought I was finally far from the blubbering, crying, idiot mom that I had become at any sign of my baby moving towards adulthood. I thought that until today. I told Dennis to change Nolan into one of his 9 month old outfits to see how they are fitting so we know what size of clothes to buy today. Dennis did so and there was my baby...in a 9 month outfit...which fit PERFECTLY. I bawled. Dennis tried another one ( I was secretly hoping that the first one was really a 6 month old outfit and someone just put the wrong tag on it). Well the second outfit, fit perfectly as well. What the H*LL? Just in case you were not correctly informed, my son is only 7 months old. NOT 9 MONTHS. I do believe 7 months is a lot closer to 6 months than 9 months.

It is definitely painful to watch the human being that you helped create and grew in your tummy go from 7lbs to 20 something lbs right before your eyes. He used to have wrinkles and now he just has fat roll wrinkles. He used to have dark brown hair and now it's blonde. His little ears were all wrinkled together and now they are all human like. He used to wear swaddlers diapers and was swaddled at night. Now he wears cartoon character diapers and just kicks the blankets off of himself.

But you better believe I love those fat rolls, blonde hair, human ears, and diapers with cartoon characters (well not as much).

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