My Nolan

I think everyone should know that Nolan thinks his name is "MyNolan". I guess it has to do with me always calling him my Nolan...because well...he's MY Nolan. This has nothing to do with my post but it's the title so I figured I would tell you.

So if you ever hear Nolan tell you, "My Nolan wants milk"...now you know what he's talking about.

This post really is just about the funny things that Nolan says. So I'm going to try to keep a running list during the day and then post at the end of the day. Unfortunately, I just got this idea so I only have one so far. But one is better than none, especially when it has to do with my Nolan. I want to remember these moments and these conversations, because if you know me...my memory hates me.

Nolan: Playing loud music and singing in his mic on his new keyboard
Nolan: Mommy dance and sing.
Me: I can't anymore because my head hurts.
Nolan: Let me fix it. He then proceeds to hit my head several times.
{note: We recently got a new puppy and named him Tucker.}
Tucker: pees on the floor
Nolan: Mommy, look at [what] Tucker did.
Me: goes to look
Nolan: is peeing next to Tucker's pee spot
{maybe one day I can look back on this and laugh, until then...I'm just annoyed}

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These are hysterical!!!! Of course, it wasn't my floor that was peed on!

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