Thankful Thursday

{note: I did actually write this post yesterday, but never got to post it}

Yesterday wasn't the best day for us. We had Kaleb's post op since getting hearing tubes with his ENT. The fluid is now gone, however he is still at a moderate hearing loss range. I'm very sad about this. He will be getting a brainstem response test at our children's hospital along with a CT scan of his ears. He will then be getting hearing aids. This came as a shock to both of us.

Today is a new day and I need to remember what I'm thankful for.

- the beautiful weather in FL -
- my recent visit with Trisomy mommies -
- my cousin visiting after not seeing him for nearly two years -
- nights out alone with my hubby -
- our health -
- Baby K's therapists -
- our local CBS news producer and reporter sitting down with me and listening to K's story -
- Nolan and his helping skills -
- Being able to stay at home with the kids -
- The time in the morning when all of us our snuggled together in our big king size bed - 
- my mom -
- large blankets (instead of sheets) that can be easily tucked into K's crib after he has wet the bed (nightly) -
- K's new learned skills, sitting up from laying down, clapping toys together, etc -
- silly boy time between my hubby and kids -

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