Nolan is in the "why" stage. Anything I tell him is shortly followed by a "why?". It's slowly driving me crazy. I'm going to keep a running list today so you can get a glimpse into why my mental health is declining.

10:09 am
Me: Can you get the magazines so that baby doesn't get them?
Nolan: Why?

10:14 am
Nolan: Where'd puppy go?
Me: He's in our room.
Nolan: Why?

10:43 am
Nolan: Mommy dinners hot (he says while looking at the oven)
Me: Yeah.
Nolan: Why?

11:40 am
Nolan: Baby's sitted me (translation- I want baby to sit next to me)
Me: Not right now, baby is going to sleep.
Nolan: Why

12:18 pm
Me: {shuts the laptop screen down}
Nolan: Why?
REALLY? I don't even need to say anything now?

12:19 pm (yes a MINUTE later)
Nolan: Mommy where you go?
Me: I'll be back.
Nolan: Why?
Me: I'm going to the bathroom.
Nolan: Why?
Me: Because I have to PEE!

12:24 pm
Nolan: I want my see back. (translation- I want my scissors back)
Me: I don't know about that.
Nolan: Why?
Me: Because you made a mess last time and didn't pick up the paper pieces.
Nolan: {goes and picks up three small scraps of papers and throws them in the trash...of the hundreds on the floor}

Unfortunately I can't sit here all day and post every few minutes our conversations because clearly this whole "why" situation is going to stay a while.

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