Halloween Fest

Last night we went to Halloween Fest in downtown Winter Garden (the new town we moved to, since I forgot to blog about that part of my life). I read about it being lots of fun with a petting zoo, live band, face painting, and trick or treating at the shops down there. When we got there...Wow. That's all I could think. There were hundreds of people there. Streets blocked off. Adults in slutty costumes, teens in slutty costumes, huge dogs dressed up, police, EMTs, and people everywhere I looked. I loved it, don't get me wrong. But I guess I never thought what it was like to CHASE a 2 year old from shop to shop looking for candy and trying to not lose him in the crowd. Of course said 2 year old was screaming at me not to hold his hand and "me do it". I never knew he could run so fast. I actually had to run. After my kid. At one point while he wasn't looking in front of him he almost ran into a woman dressed as a slutty officer with her butt cheeks hanging out. That would not have been pretty. I'm pretty sure I would have washed his face in anti-bacterial gel.

It really was a lot of fun. He was super excited. Of course there was a melt down on the way to the car and that same two year old nearly running into traffic. I think I remember at that point pushing the stroller and quietly yelling at Dennis, "get him get him, going into traffic, go, NOW".

Once we got back to the car we let him have his pumpkin with his candy in it. I didn't think there would be any harm in it, he's only 2. I mean how much damage can he do right? WRONG. We recently put him in the VERY back of my car in the third row seating so I'm not as privy to what goes on back there. At one point he was telling me something was gross and I looked back and he had some gooey-ness all over his face and his fingers were sticking together. I couldn't figure out for the life of me what he had gotten. I also still think the wrapper was on half of it, hopefully the half he ate was already de-wrapped. Dennis looked back and said, oh he got a Charleston Chew. A what?! All I knew was it looked gross. When we got home I saw that he had dumped some of his candy into the cup holders in the back so I told him to get the pumpkin so I could grab the candy and put it back. I put my hand in one of the holders and all I felt was ewww stickiness. I guess I found the other half of the Charleston Chew. I didn't even turn on the light to look, I knew I needed to sleep before I saw that mess.

Of course when I got there my phone died so I don't have any photos of the maddness...but really what time would I have had to take pictures? All I would have gotten would be his back and a running motion type look to the picture. BUT I do have his photos that his teacher posted on facebook...that was the less risque Halloween party of his day.

Nolan, Sanela, and his girlfriend. 

My hunka hunka man. 

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I almost went to that one too (we live in Winter Garden as well)

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