I just wanted to post a quick update because I know I've been MIA for a little while now. 

My dad was admitted to the hospital last Wednesday. 
On Thursday his doctor told him he is terminal. 
On Friday his doctor told him that he needs to go into hospice and has less than 6 months to live. 

I am a complete wreck. Dennis and I spent the last two weekends there with my dad and getting some things in order. This is too soon and things are going too fast. My family is flying in from Ohio already...we aren't sure he will make it very much longer. This is so hard. 

I know we all have to go through things like this in our lives but I'm only 27 and I'm losing my daddy. He won't get to see his grandchildren grow up. I cry anytime I see something that I used to do with my dad, his favorite restaurant, star trek, disney world, and so many other things. 

I am so upset that I'm going through so much right now, my cousin just passed away from brain cancer, my son has surgeries, and now my dad is passing away. This has been the worst 9 months of my life, it's a cruel world.

It's so hard to say bye to my dad now, not knowing if that will be the last time I see him. Wow. I'm a mess. Yesterday he said to me and Dennis that it's hard for him to accept the fact that he will never step inside of his home again. Ugh. Talk about breaking my heart.  

Tomorrow morning is also Kaleb's first surgery on his feet. 

Please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers. :/

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I will keep you in my prayers. I agree-life is too hard and it isn't fair. I'm so sorry. You are going through awful-just awful things. There is no denying that and I pray that sometime it will stop and that you will have peace.

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