The nudist

Apparently I have a nudist in the family. 
His name is Nolan. 
This morning [actually this afternoon] when I went to wake him up for the day [yes he still had not woken up and I figured 1:30 pm was a little too late] I walked into his room and saw him sitting in his crib. I was relieved that he had somehow not gotten out of his crib, he's starting to learn [phew, disaster averted]. But as I got closer I realized that all was not right. He was naked. Dennis had put him to bed last night but I was pretty sure he wouldn't put him to bed naked. As I looked over the railing of his crib he picked up his dirty diaper from next to him, handed it to me, and said "ca-ca". Clearly the worst case scenario here would be if he actually did have ca-ca but thankfully he didn't. Nolan just likes to call anything he does not agree with or like, "ca-ca". Okay, so my son learned how to take his diaper off. At first I was excited, I know that is a sign of getting close to wanting to potty train. Of course I put him on the potty and excitedly waited, for nothing. But that's okay, patience is the key right? Plus, he has used the big boy potty a few times so I'm fine with no potty today. I just hope he didn't potty in his bed, I didn't see a wet spot but I also must admit I didn't go searching for one [I'm exhausted, and laundry doesn't sound all that fun to me today]. 

Once we got on with our day my excitement for Nolan learning to take his diaper off quickly wore off [annoyingly quick]. I couldn't keep his diaper on for anything. I probably could have wrapped duct tape around his mid-section to hold the diaper in place and he would have gnawed through the duck tape [kidding, i swear i don't duct tape my kids]. My biggest mistake in the whole situation was not putting pants on my child. A t-shirt and diaper are just so much easier [i swore i'd never be one of THOSE mommies, but clearly I am]. So I got him pants and put them on, thankfully Nolan does not know how to take his pants off. About 20 minutes later Nolan realized that if he pulled his pants away from his stomach he could un-tape his diaper and basically pull it out of his pants. Now, this is just me throwing out random thoughts here but doesn't that sound like a much more difficult task than just pulling your pants down and taking your diaper off? 

How do you fix this problem? Is it time for pull ups? I'm pretty sure he doesn't know how to tear the sides away [of course i didn't think he could take his diaper off with pants still on either and clearly I was very wrong about that]. 

Whatever the solution is, I love my little nudist anyway. 

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