PT and Baby K's faves

This afternoon we had our first physical therapy appointment downtown near the children's hospital. Kaleb has been referred for weekly PT due to Torticollis (he has right torticollis). Basically, Kaleb's muscles on his right side of his neck are really tight and pulling his head to the right side. Kaleb's therapist's name is Kendell and she is pretty great. Our sessions are 30 minutes long where Kendell does exercises with Kaleb and then teaches us how to do those at home. In case you don't know Kaleb as well as some, he hates most things. PT is no different. He screamed at the top of his lungs throughout the entire session. Kendell said she is going to work on some newborn massage techniques with us next week to see if that will help calm him down, because at this point he hates anything that has ever comforted a baby...at this point I'm willing to try anything. On top of Kaleb's feet exercises that we do during diaper changes (well most of them anyway) we also now have other exercises to do, diaper changes are going to start taking a very long time. :) Anyways, Kendell seems positive that Kaleb's torticollis will easily be treated with weekly PT.

We didn't have any other doctor appointments today, hooray! We did however speak to the nurses at our Pediatrician's office and the nurses at my OB's office. Kaleb finally got authorized to see his neuro-surgeon which we scheduled for next week. Then I got blood test results back from my OB telling me that my iron levels have gotten worse (I almost needed a blood transfusion after Kaleb's birth) and that my thyroid levels are just fine. That might seem great to most, but I was sort of hoping that something was wrong with my thyroid. I know it sounds terrible but it would explain my insane hot flashes and my inability to ever produce enough milk to feed my children (can you tell this really bothers me?). But nope, my thyroid is just fine. So yet again I feel like a complete idiot because I havent been able to breastfeed my kids, FAIL! I guess I'll get over it at some point, but it is really annoying.

Kaleb has definitely shown his personality in the past 6 weeks. 
Here are some of his likes and dislikes (mostly dislikes). 
--> K loves to eat, if he could eat every hour he would (and sometimes does)
--> K  likes to be swaddled very tight and put in his auto bouncer although this doesn't always work
--> K sleeps the best at night, sometimes up to 6 hours at a time. 
--> K very rarely sleeps during the day
--> K likes to be held, mostly with his head arched back
--> K snores anytime he falls asleep, loudly. 
--> K hates car rides, if it's anywhere near his eating time
--> K hates to swing
--> K sometimes like his pacifier
--> K cries for several hours a day, usually he gets so upset he forgets to breath and we have to blow in his face for him to catch his breath. 
--> K seems to do better on days we have multiple appointments, maybe he likes to get out of the house
--> K doesn't like to rock, be sung to, be held, be swaddled, be bounced, or anything if it is anywhere near eating time. Don't mess with his feeding times! 
--> K likes to smile quite a bit which makes everything in the world better
--> K hates bath time and diaper changing time 
--> K is very particular about everything in his daily life and has such a strong personality. I just know it will help get him through the difficult times. 
I ♥ you baby K

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