Happy Birthday Kaleb

Kaleb turned one month old on Thursday, January 27th! When Dennis came home he surprised me with Happy Birthday balloons for Kaleb and a big piece of chocolate cake, complete with one candle! I know it may seem silly to actually have a small celebration for your child being one month old but for us it's very meaningful. In August we were told that more than likely Kaleb had a very serious chromosome disorder that almost always resulted in death soon after birth (Trisomy 18). I got an amniocentesis and waited for nearly a week before we got the results. It turned out that Kaleb did not have that disorder but another chromosome disorder that was very concerning but more than likely he would live a long life. For those days before we got the results we were terrified. We had to prepare ourselves for the fact that we may need to plan a funeral for our baby. Parents normally don't have to think about losing their child. We celebrated the fact that there was a close chance that Kaleb would not have made it to his first month birthday, but he has! So many times parents take the time they have with their children for granted, I know I'm guilty of doing that with Nolan even though I tried very hard not to. I am so thankful for every day that I have with Kaleb.

Happy 1 month Kaleb ~ We love you! 

 Thanks to Dennis' co-workers who got the balloons for us and wrote on them! 

 Yummy cake, thank you Daddy! 

 Nolan helped celebrate! 


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