My bestfriend. My family. My love. My husband. My everything.

Lets be mushy today okay? Why not? I've been an emotional wreck for the past 12 hours (for no good specific reason) and I need to think about something great...my hubby. He is oh so amazing...and dreamy! ;)

He's pretty darn amazing because he...
* is a free spirit.
* is a hard worker
* kisses the kids when he leaves for work and comes home from work
* wakes up in the middle of the night even when he has to work the next day to help me if I'm worried about something Kaleb is or is not doing (i.e. breathing problems)
* helps me keep the house clean (or as clean as we can at this point)
* gorgeous (especially with a beard)
* puts up with my crazy emotions
* goes with me to every doctors appointment for our kids
* makes Nolan so happy
* makes dinner for us
* is so very patient with me, a tantrum-ing toddler, and a crying newborn (sometimes all at the same time)
* helps keep our family organized when I fall behind in that
* watches my girly shows, most I'm sure he would rather not be subjected to...and doesn't complain (most of the time)
* reassures me when I am down or frustrated with something
* loves our family and would do anything for us

I love you.

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