Sunday, oh Sunday.

I have got to find something to do today. I am stuck in the house for a second day in a row. It's too hot to take a walk or go to the park, going to the pool requires two parents and parent #2 is at work AGAIN. Just like he was yesterday and the past three weekends. I think he has MAYBE had two days off in the past three weeks. I know he's not trying to stay away from us but it makes things hard. It's getting very difficult for me to chase after Nolan, pick him up, or really do anything by myself with him. I never had such annoying pains during my pregnancy with Nolan. My stomach just...hurts. It is always sore. Nolan is getting into more things and really testing the limits today. And as I sit here (Nolan finally took a nap), Kaleb is kicking the living daylights out of my internal organs and contorting my stomach to weird positions. Very uncomfortable. If I bend at the waste Kaleb gets upset and lets me know it.

I was also hoping Dennis would stay home today because it's getting closer to the time when Kaleb will be here and I am scared that once he is born our life as we know it will end. Yes I will be excited to have Kaleb with me but I am scared we won't take Nolan places, or go to the beach, or go to Sea World (we've had FREE tickets all year and have not once gone). It's getting to the point where I have severe round ligament pain if I walk too much so I'm getting the point where I won't be able to walk around Sea World all day, and Dennis is at work. Very frustrating.

I think Dennis might have off next weekend but we will apparently be in Tampa...oh joy. I won't even get into my family issues that I'm going through right now. All I will say is that my family makes me very upset these days. Oh well, I guess a lot of people have "family issues". I need to continue to keep my mouth shut and not rock the boat... :)

Let me stop writing and get out of this funk, I've got to find something fun going on in Orlando that I can take Nolan to without going into pre-term labor. Wish me luck!

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