So today is Thursday (I think...right?). Nolan has been sickly for about a week and a half. Dennis was sick for about a week. I've been sick about two days. Yesterday Nolan almost got sent home thanks to his "sick" poops. I haven't exactly seen what the "sick" poops look like but I'm sure I'll be just fine without that experience. In due time. And the daycare felt the need to tell me they heard my son wheezing...yes thank you. I am well aware that I ruined my sons life. Thanks! Anyways...I'm tired of being sick. And I'm sure it's not going to get better any time soon as long as Nolan's in daycare. It always happens in the same order, Nolan gets sick at daycare, Nolan gets daddy sick, daddy is sick for a week or two and then daddy gets mommy sick. It's a vicious cycle...get me out! I took Nyquil last night and I'm now dizzy this morning (that stuff always makes me feel drunk) but at least I think it helped my throat. Yuck....

We are still going to daycare and work today (don't you already know I'm a terrible mommy?). I'm a sucker for torture. I'm just sitting here, procrastinating, hoping my phone doesn't ring anytime soon.

Speaking of being an incompetent mother. Ugh. Nolan's nails grow at the speed of light lately and daddy doesn't do nails (is there a rule book with that in it somewhere?). We I haven't cut Nolan's nails in well over a week and he started getting "white tips" on his fingers. That's when you know it's BAD.

I guess I don't get a lot of stuff done when it comes to Nolan because I work so much. I've been getting home really late and we try to be in bed by 9pm with Nolan going to bed between 8-9pm. How do working mother's do this all of the time? I would even like to start going to bed at 8pm so that I can get to the gym at 5am like I used to. Ugh...there's just not enough time in the day!

Have a great day all you non-sick people.

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