Breath Holding Spells

So it's been two months, time for Nolan to be sick again. Ugh! We took him to the doctor this morning and the doctor asked if either of us had asthma, quickly I said yes with my head down in shame. The doctor said unfortunately a baby gets asthma the most from the mother's side. Damn me. The ONE thing I gave to my child...asthma. Go me! He looks nothing like me and has none of my mannerisms...but damn he's got my asthma.

I brought up to the doctor issues with Nolan's breathing...not relating to asthma, coughing, large amounts of snot, boogers, etc. But Nolan has done this "thing" three to four times now that scares the junk out of us. He will make a noise like he is about to squeal (only louder) and he will stop breathing. It's the weirdest thing and kills me when he does it. It's almost like he's gasping for air but just not breathing. It lasts maybe 10-20 seconds but could have several episodes each time. The doctor mentioned something rare called "breath holding spells". I think it has to have happened for a while before a child can be diagnosed with this but of course I got online and read about it. It sounds basically like what Nolan is going through and can start as early as 3 months old. Weird. I'm not saying he has this at all and I hope he doesn't...because frankly I don't think I can handle much more of the "spells". When children get a bit older with this condition they often pass out. If that were to happen in our household we would need to also treat the passed out mother laying next to Nolan. In my reading it states it is just a reflex and they child can't help it. It almost seems like he is doing it on purpose and I have no idea what to do when he does this. I open his mouth and try to calm him down. The doctor said next time to blow in his face to make him gasp for air, good idea! Nolan did this earlier tonight but he was in his swing and we weren't right next to him, it was really short so as soon as we got to him it was done. Is it too early to ground your child at 5.5 months? ;)

Holy crap....5 and a half months. Where has the time gone? Nolan is like a human now. No more "blobness". Nolan is grabbing at things, putting toys in his mouth, hitting at our faces (watch it little one!), and "talking". I love that I can interact with him more now. Ooooo and he knows his name. When I pick him up from daycare and he is far across the room on the ground and I'm standing up if I say his name he looks over to me...it is so validating to see that happen. Nolan is also eating veggies now...yummm!! He loves peas, squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots. The only thing he doesn't like too much is green beans, but he will still eat them!

Ohhh my little man...how I love you. ::kisses::

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