It Might Not Matter to You...but...


If you do not care about my child's hair, spit, thumb, or acne then you might want to move on. I actually do care about those things and that is what this post is about...yes spit is important!

Apparently my little bean is over 3 months now. I have been telling people he is 2.5 months for a long while now and Dennis just made me realize the other day that Nolan is actually older than three months. I think I blocked this out because I want Nolan to stay a newborn and refuse to believe he is "growing up". Most of his newborn clothes no longer fit (YES I do still try to squeeze him in some of them). I know I need to clean out his onesie drawer and take the clothes to Once Upon a Child but I just can't bring myself to do it. Sweet sweet memories...

Recently some new things started happening with Nolan so I just wanted to document them so I have this to remember them.

*Nolan's hair is REALLY falling out, he's almost completely bald
*Nolan has some blonde hairs that recently sprouted
*Nolan drooled for the first time this week...like drool came out of his mouth and got all over his car seat straps.
*no more baby acne (well at least not like before)
*Nolan can completely suck his thumb now to soothe himself

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